Soichi & Kaori Muraji

Classical Guitar

As part of the 2013 Overtures Spring Concert Series, Kaori Muraji and her younger brother Soichi will be performing together.

Kaori and Soichi Muraji were born in Tokyo, and received their first lessons on the guitar from their father Noboru Muraji, beginning at the age of three. At age 10, both Soichi and Kaori began studies with the renowned guitarist Shinichi Fukuda. Soichi also studied with Daisuke Suzuki. Brother and sister are considered two of the most prominent classical guitarists of today.

Kaori has performed all over the world, and her activities are always regarded with keen interest by the entire classical music community. He plans to be an international performer and hopes to perform more in his home country of Japan.


Overtures series performances by Soichi & Kaori Muraji